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  • car door rubber seal strip,car door rubber seals

    solid  foam compound rubber seal strip


    extrusion rubber seal strip 
    Used:auto ,construction,and all 
    Type:any size and material rubber seal 


    auto  extrusion rubber seal strip

    1,very firm and durable 
    2,convenient installation 
    3,contains a unique tongue-shaped metal fixture 
    4.all colors...


    auto rubber seal

      1 the rubber seals strip using range :the use of a wide temperature (-40---+120)compound EPDM compact and sponge including metal fixture and the tongue shaped clasp


    2 the rubber seals function :seals the door with the door flange firmly to avoid dust ,water or air to leak inside the cabin it takes care of the door or body flange panel vairations and gives smooth look from outside.


    3 feature:two kinds is available sponge bulb and dense rubber with flexible steelwire core


    4 application:some kinds of car ,vehicle,yahcht,cabinet.


    5 we can make the rubber seal strip according to your requirement.

we are specialized in manufacturing rubber sealing product for many year,we can produce various rubber seal strip, silicone seal strip,automobile rubber seal strip,rubber parts and car door seals, windows seals,door seals for you with better price and quality.

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