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electrical box rubber seal
Material :PVC, with metal clip inside



electrical box pvc rubber seal strip


• Appreance is smooth  


• Application: 

 sealing for electrical box , Gaskets, barrier to moisture, dust proofing, vibration dampening, sealing, cushioning, packaging, sound deadening, insulation, gas retention.

• Our factroy have 6 years' production experience

• method of payment: TT or L/C 

• MOQ: 300M 

Welcome you send us the technical drawing ! 

Actual sample is more great !!  


             color                milk-white 
      Tensile strength            GT10MPA
          tolerance          +/- 1-5mm 
        Description      mould extrusion, salt ,vulcanization,cooling
     Customize      avaliable ,as to technical drawing or actual sample
    Temperature Range   

PVC    -20 °F - 150 °F (-29°C - 65.5°C)

EPDM     -40 °F - 248 °F (-40°C - 120°C)

Silicone -60-220 centidgree  

   Hardness (Shore A)

PVC :85 Durometer (Shore A)

Silicone,EPDM :70 Durometer (Shore A)




                       electrical box pvc rubber seal stripelectrical box pvc rubber seal strip

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