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spiral guard for rubber hose

1.UV resistant, oil resistant, abrasion resistant
3.many colors



spiral guard for rubber hose



spiral guard for rubber hose
1.UV resistant, oil resistant, abrasion resistant
3.many colors


Product General Intruduction:

Product Name

spiral guard for rubber hose 


PP ,PE or PA



Tensile strength

25 ~ 30Mpa

Inner Diameter





ISO:9001:2000, ISO/TS16949












1)Exterior surface:Spiral wrap surface smooth, no lack of material, cracks, damage and glitches; no foaming and uneven; no impurities and variedness

2)Shore hardness is generally 85 to 90 degrees

3)Good resistance to high and low temperature performance

4)Good oil resistance

5)Good abrasion resistance

6)Good tensile strength and impact resistance.Tensile strength at room temperature is generally 25 ~ 30Mpa;Impact strength(unnotched):continue

7)Has good UV resistance. Black spiral protection sleeve product line by adding a certain ratio of carbon black to enhance the spiral wrap UV protection properties. This is the black spiral wrap sleeve protective cover than the other colors better UV performance reasons

8)Good antistatic property

protective sleeve for hose/cable

Installation method:

1)Revolving from the middle to the ends  

2)Revolving from one end to the other end



 Widely used in excavators, loaders, road rollers, pavers, forklifts, cranes, dump trucks and other construction machinery and injection molding machine equipment. Mainly installed in the hydraulic hose, wire and cable products external. Its function is to enhance the hydraulic hose, wire and cable products internal wear, anti-static and UV resistance in a variety of harsh environments  to play a security role. Installing spiral protection sleeve will not only improve aesthetics, and can extend the life of the product within 3 years. With the traditional metallic spring products, hose protective sleeve has ease of installation, and better wear resistance; anti-aging, corrosion resistance can be strong;More excellent, more convenient, more environmentally friendly energy-saving effect.


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