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pvc profiles/pvc shower door seal
-Dual hardness:soft plastic +hard pvc ,and always in different color (grey ,black color for hard pvc profiles while white for hard plastic seal )
-thin 1mm,1.5mm,2mm,3mm ,5mm standard wall thickness seal
-Perfect flexibility in cold condition
-convenient installation
-smooth appearance
-anti-aging sealing strip
-Back adhesive ,easily fix to shower door slots

How to get specific " pvc profiles/pvc shower door seal "from EAGETRUBBER:

-Open the mold as per the exact CAD, Pro-E, Or Solid Works drawing, then use the pure new good quality formular, well control from Eaget Rubber Group during the extruding Process.
-Excellent Flexible, Good hand feel, and Environmental Import Rubber material guarantee more than 10 years serve life
-Strong Packing for Export Rubber ,pvc seals


Door seal strip is widely used on door and window's frame.

1) Material: EPDM,TPE, silicone, Viton, NBR, Neoprene ,PVC ,TPE ,PE,etc ,

2) Feature:

A: The obvious function is shockproof. to reduce (or even disappear) door slam 

B: Excellent heat insulation; 

C: Excellent sound insulation; 

D: Excellent sealed performance; 

E: It will prevent the mosquito and other bug to go into the indoor 

F: Perfect flexibility and anti-deformation, the ageing weather-resistant, resistant to ozone,

chemical resistance and wide temperature range (-40 ~ +120 )

3) Application: Wooden door, security door, double acting door,various of the Lu:su doors and windows,Auto doors and windows seal, Waterproof seal, Aluminum alloy doors and windows seal, Plastic-steel windows and doors seal, Doors& Windows and Curtain Wall Equipment, Noise and crash seal,door seal for refrigeratory.

4) Shape: D, P, E, V type with/ without back adhesive tape

5) The specification, packing requirement and the color can be customized according to customer drawings or samples.


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rubber door seal

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