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wooden door weather strip
weather stripping
Weather strip for windows and doors,rubber weather strip,rubber seal strip manufacture

rigid wooden door weather strip
1.anti-aging heat resistance
2.cold resistance and good flexibility
3.10 years experences

Plastic & Rubber Seal  

1.Material:PVC, PP, PE, TPU, Silicone, Viton. 

2.Exellent quality, good performace.  

3.Series of them, suit for automobile, machine, furniture, door, windows and glass.

4.Length and thickness: according to the practical needs to cutting.

5. We can customization according with customer's Cad-drawing&sample to open mold


1.good anti-friction,anti-aging, anti-corrosion effect

2. Weather proof, vandal proof, and can be shaped, molded, painted and screen printed. 

3. Non-corrosive, non-toxic and chemical resistant .

4. Soft with high impact strength  .

5. Non-warping and stain proof.

6. Easy to clean and maintain .

7. Easy to operate, including glue, nail, cut or shape.


1.Furniture fittings, Building decoration, Decoration materials, Machinery parts, Toy parts, etc. 

2. It's very suitable for a fastenings which need sealing.etc

About us

1.Has a certain degree of the scale and efficiency till now.  

2.Advanced extrusion machines and experienced workers.  

3.Provide OEM service .

4.Treat every order responsibility.


Hot sale rigid wooden door weather strip


Hot sale rigid wooden door weather strip


we are specialized in manufacturing rubber sealing product for many year,we can produce various rubber seal strip, silicone seal strip,automobile rubber seal strip,rubber parts and car door seals, windows seals,door seals for you with better price and quality.

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