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PVC Rubber Freezer Container Seal Strip
1.Material:EPDM and modified PVC
2.Long life service.
3.Reducing labor intensity

PVC Rubber Freezer Container Seal Strip




Container seal strip  

1.Material: EPDM and PVC

2. high stability, long using life

3.Reducing Work Intensity



The product is the modified PVC high resilience plastic extrusion molding process after mixing, granulating, software and hard strip once made of soft seal and hard strip does, so it does not peel off.


Strong points:


Because it is different from the traditional rubber seal, so it is easy to put simple and quick installation, reduced labor intensity, to speed up the progress of the project can reduce construction costs.

The product appearance is good, that will improve the vans’ level if you use these products.

As a professional container seal manufacturers, has developed a variety of van container seals, elegant appearance, easy installation, good sealing performance, long life, innovative products to improve truck grade, has been export Europe and the United States, Eastern Europe, Japan and other international markets, variety complete, quality assurance, good service, welcome to send us order.




seals strip for cabinet freezer/freezer container.

rubber seal strip

Rubber Container Seal Strip
weather strip

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