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Sponge extrusions

we can make various rubber sponge seal strips for automotive industrial ,doors& windows, Building etc upon requirements .

Material available in Sponge / foam EPDM ,NBR, CR, Silicone, PU,etc
TS16949/ISO2000 /SGS certificated.

Shape various available in D section, P section, Square section ,Round section, U section, E section, L section, T section as well as custom shapes. Part of seals can be backed with adhesive tape upon request.

According to different application we produced it in low,medium and high density (0.4-0.7 g/cm3)

The width from 2mm up to 100mm,the thickness from 1mm to 50mm.Customization is available upon the drawing or samples.


Design  Part No. Material Color Size Density
EI29 EPDM Black 5*5 0.5-0.8g/cm³
EI30 EPDM Black 13*3
EI31 EPDM Black 15*10
EI32 EPDM Black 16*16
EI33 EPDM Black 19*10
EI34 EPDM Black 19*13
EI35 EPDM Black 20*10
EI36 EPDM Black 20*12
EI37 EPDM Black 25*3
EI38 EPDM Black 25*6
EI39 EPDM Black 25*10
EI40 EPDM Black 25*12
EI41 EPDM Black 25*15
EI42 EPDM Black 25*19
EI43 EPDM Black 30*7
EI44 EPDM Black 30*15
EI45 EPDM Black 30*30
EI46 EPDM Black 32*25
EI47 EPDM Black 35*15
EI48 EPDM Black 35*20
  EI49 EPDM Black 38*3
EI50 EPDM Black 38*13
EI51 EPDM Black 38*25
EI52 EPDM Black 40*5
EI53 EPDM Black 40*6
EI54 EPDM Black 40*10
EI55 EPDM Black 40*15
EI56 EPDM Black 40*20
EI57 EPDM Black 45*20
EI58 EPDM Black 45*30
EI59 EPDM Black 50*6
EI60 EPDM Black 50*12
EI61 EPDM Black 50*15
EI62 EPDM Black 50*20
EI63 EPDM Black 50*30
EI64 EPDM Black 60*30
Custom drawing or samples accepted.
Backing with self adhesive tape avaiable.
ED20 EPDM Black 9.5*5.6 0.5-0.8g/cm³
ED21 EPDM Black 10*8  
ED22 EPDM Black 12*10  
ED23 EPDM Black 14*12  
ED24 EPDM Black 15.9*9.5  
ED25 EPDM Black 19*4.3  
ED26 EPDM Black 21*17  
Custom drawing or samples accepted.
Backing with self adhesive tape avaiable.
ED27 EPDM Black 6*4 0.5-0.8g/cm³
ED28 EPDM Black 10*6  
Custom drawing or samples accepted.
Backing with self adhesive tape available.
ED29 EPDM Black 15*3 0.5-0.8g/cm³
ED30 EPDM Black 15*6  
ED31 EPDM Black 15*7  
Custom drawing or samples accepted.
Backing with self adhesive tape avaiable.
ED31 EPDM Black 23*25 0.5-0.8g/cm³
Custom drawing or samples accepted.
Backing with self adhesive tape avaiable.

Self adhesive backing can be applied to any foam strip,including general adhesive tape and 3M Acrylic tape etc.

we are specialized in manufacturing rubber sealing product for many year,we can produce various rubber seal strip, silicone seal strip,automobile rubber seal strip,rubber parts and car door seals, windows seals,door seals for you with better price and quality.

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