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Rubber Edge Trims

Rubber Edge Trims


rubber edge trims

Rubber Edge Trims,rubber seal strip ,EPDM rubber edge trim

The rubber edge trim is common used in many fileds.  it can be popular used in the manufacturing of auto cars, boats and other aotos. and it also can be used in furniture and machines.  
High quality, flexibility, easy installation and removal highlight Steigner rubber edge trims from other options. the rubber sealing strips will serve for years without losing their properties. The type of rubber edge trim depends on its application. Steigner offer a wide range of various seals which are easy to install so they can be used by anyone regardless their skills. The professional help is unnecessary.


rubber edge trims ---- features and application

The main goal of rubber edge trim design was to protect edges in cars, boats and industrial machines. Due to the high durability of EPDM used in manufacturing rubber edge trim is resistant to extreme weather conditions and UV radiation. It applied for external and internal use without losing its protective properties.

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We can do,

a.short time to ship
b.OEM/ODM service.
c.Factory price.
d.Flexible payment terms.

About Us:

Our main products are epdm rubber seal strips, rubber edge trims, Our sealing strips with high quality are widely used in many areas, such as windows, doors, electrical equipment, etc.

The rubber seal strip is flexbile and equipped with a tighting profile so it’s adjusted to the surface perfectly. It’s also easy to install on irregular metal and plastic edges. The installation doesn’t require any glue or tools. Just put it on the edge and push slightly until you hear a quiet sound of clicking.

Auto Rubber Sealing Strips specifications:


EPDM rubber edge trim


Soild EPDM  Rubber


Black etc


As customer's drawings or samples









Payment Terms

T/T   L/C   D/P  etc


10-15 workdays after the orders




Various car,Trucks,Forklifts,Trackers,,Machinery etc


Rubber edge trim T-45 by STEIGNER

Rubber edge trim

Rubber edge trim T-32 by STEIGNER

Rubber edge trim

Rubber edge trim T-4 by STEIGNER

Rubber edge trim

Rubber edge trim S-1087 by STEIGNER

Rubber edge trim 15×9 mm

Rubber edge trim S-583 by STEIGNER

Rubber edge trim 11×7 mm


we specialized in manufacture extruded rubber sealing strip,main product- rubber seal strip,rubber edge trim,self-adhesive rubber seal strips,door & windows epdm rubber seal strip.

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