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Our company is well recognized and respected as a leader in the manufacture of top quality extruded rubber profiles and plastic products.our company has the advanced rubber and plastic coextrusion lines.the mainly product include different size and kinds rubber seal strips,rubber edge trims , cabinet door seal strip ,pinchweld edge trim,self adhesive epdm foam rubber strips,pvc sealing strip , epdm rubber seal strip for door and windows , and we can product according the buyer's requird size and shapes,the products widely used in automotive,train,building,window and door,wind powder industry etc.

Customer Review

Competitive price and best quality. Excellent Source is our highly trusted supplier now.We want to express our sincere thankness for their support all the time! we are lucky to have Excellent Source as our main supplier.
PouyaGostar Khorasan
I got much more competitive offer. We are pleased to work with Excellent Source Company. Their high quality, reasonable pricing and timely delivery really satisfied us a lot.
we specialized in manufacture extruded rubber sealing strip,main product- rubber seal strip,rubber edge trim,self-adhesive rubber seal strips,door & windows epdm rubber seal strip.

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