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EPDM Rubber Seal Strip

EPDM Rubber Seal Strip


EPDM Rubber Seal Strip

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Material :epdm
Our weatherproof Trim Seals are the fastest and easiest way to create a finished edge to seal and protect against weather damage. Made of durable PVC plastic trim combined with EPDM sponge rubber bulb seal, our weather seals are available in a wide variety of bulb sizes and designed to attach to a wide range of edge thicknesses.

Widely used to automotive door sealing;Architectural window sealing;Electrical connector seals;Medical equipment seals;Or other place which need to sealing.

pinchweld Weatherproof EPDM Rubber Seal Strip has the seal on the side/top of the pinchweld, and is commonly used on the doors of vehicles. The ‘pinching’ part of the product fits over a metal edge and grips without the need for adhesive or other fixing methods. The ‘bubble’ part is what provides the seal and is what contacts the other surface which the door is closed onto.

Weatherproof EPDM Rubber Seal Strip is an excellent way to finish and protect exposed metal edges. The retainer is easily pressed over any metal edge and is held in place by the seal’s excellent gripping force. Flexibility of this seal depends on the retainer configuration: wire core or segmented steel core. Resilient edge trim can be used in a multitude of interior and exterior applications and is often used as decorative trim.

Pinchweld rubber seal strip applications: Used to protect and enhance the edges of van doors, boats, forklifts, golf carts, helmets, truck cabs, fiberglass, computer cabinets, tractor cabs, riding mowers, machinery guard, sheet metal, playground equipment and others.

It is produced strictly according to the quality assurance system of ISO/TS 16949:2002 

Product Classification

EPDM Solid Rubber Strip,
EPDM Foamed Rubber Strip,
EPDM Flame Retardant Rubber,
EPDM Cold Resistant Rubber.

Weatherproof EPDM Rubber Seal Strip

A. Ozone and chemical resistance
B. High sealing performance under high or low temperature
C. Excellent weather and water resistance
D. Anti-aging, anti-radiation, good flexibility, good elasticity
E. Non-toxic, safety and healthy, easy installation

Weatherproof EPDM Rubber Seal Strip specification


Performance Index

Hardness (Shore A)


Tensile Strength (Mpa)


Elongation at breakage (%)


Hot air aging  (70±2)℃/70h

hardness changes, Shore A


tensile strength changes,%


break elongation changes,%


Water proof  (80±2)℃/120h

hardness changes,Shore A


tensile strength changes,%


break elongation changes,%


Compression set





Brittleness temperature ℃

no more than


Ozone resistance

stretch 20%,(40±2) ℃/72h

ozone concentration


No Crack


Light pollution

Causticity (100±2) ℃/24h

Not turn to black

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