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PVC Edge Trim

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Edge trim is flexible PVC trim with individual internal metal clips and gripping tongue to provide more stronger grip. PVC Edge Trim seal is widely use type, can be used on many applications, with its U shaped finished process, easy to install  as a tight seal,without glue,  just push them down on any raw edge or flange to lock them in place. Meantime the price is cheap. Flexible PVC Edge Trim slides on easily to cap any edge,Inside metal clips provide a permanent grip on RV doors, truck cabs, golf carts, tractors, motorcycles, ATV fenders, fiberglass, sheet metal and more..

PVC Edge Trim --------  Features:
Excellent resistance to oxidation, ozone resistance and erosion resistance ability. 
Stability towards temperature change.
Highly elastic as it will return to its original dimensions after elongation. 

PVC Edge Trim
PVC Edge Trim

PVC Edge Trim
Material PVC
Internal Sheet Metal
Colors Black, White, Grey, Blue, Red, etc
Size 8*5.5, 9*6, 7*9.5, 6.5*11, 8*12, 8*13, 9.5*14, 10*15, 10.5*15, 12*16, 11*17, 14*18, 17*26, 15*13. Shapes and sizes can be customized as per customer's request.
  • Eco-friendly material.
  • High flexible and plasticity, anti-aging, outstanding ozone performance, chemistry resistant, wearing-resistant.
  • Using range of temperature (minus 40 degree to 140 degree)
  • With steel, wire or aluminum insert and gripping tongue to achieve much more stronger gripping performance.
  • It is easy and fast to install.
  • Good looking (decorative), good sealing capacity and effective edge protection.
PVC Edge Trim
PVC Edge Trim -----------  Package: 

INNER PACKING: 1piece/neutral polybag.
OUTER PACKING: Dozens /neutral cardboard box.
OUTER CARTON SIZES AVAILABLE: 55x47x45, 55X47X30, 47X36X30, 38X38X38, 102X36X30(CM)
STANDARD SHIPPING MARKS: Front Marks and Side Marks on each outer carton or pallet, content includes Part Code, Part Name, QTY, Net Weight, Gross Weight, Carton Size, and Carton Number.
We are also ready to serve needs of customized packing if required, such as color polybag, color boxes, label stickers, and pallet packing(Non fumigation pallets, or timber pallet with treatment certificate), Outer carton and pallets can be film wrapped for purpose of water proof in case unexpected shipping condition encountered.

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PVC Edge Trim


we specialized in manufacture extruded rubber sealing strip,main product- rubber seal strip,rubber edge trim,self-adhesive rubber seal strips,door & windows epdm rubber seal strip.

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