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Adhesive-Backed Rubber Weather Strip

Adhesive-Backed Rubber Weather Strip


Adhesive-Backed Rubber Weather Strip

adhesive rubber weather strips for wooden window and door
D E P I shaped self adhesive rubber weather door seal strip
3M self adhesive EPDM sponge rubber extrusion weather strip
Self adhesive rubber seal strip

The Adhesive-Backed Rubber Weather Strip are made by EPDM closed cell foamed goods with nice ageing resistance and alkali-acidproof,also with soft handfeel and smooth surface.Door window rubber seal strips are made of low density EPDM sponge rubber with yellow self-adhesive tapes(or 3M tapes),including D shape,E shape,P shape,I shape,waterproof door seal is often used in sealing window and doors.

Adhesive-Backed Rubber Weather Strip
E Type  foam door seal  : 9* 4MM  ,for 2-4 mm gaps
 D Type  foam door seal : 9*6MM
 P Type  sponge door seal : 9*5.5MM ,for  3-5 mm gaps
 I  Type  wooden door rubber seal :  9*2mm
 v Type   foam seal  : 9* 7 mm
 Double E Type weather strip  door seal : 15* 8 mm  , for 6-8mm gaps 

Adhesive-Backed Rubber Weather Strip Features
1. Anti-zone, anti-aging, weather resistance, oil resistance
2. Excellent anti-UV performance, better flexibility
3. Super elasticity and chemical corrosion resistance
4. Firm and flexible; Easy to assembly
5. Easy to stall and decorative
6. Good fire and water resistance
7. High and low temperature resistance(-40°c - +120°c )
8. Good tight dimensional tolerances and have excellent compression,elasticity and adaptability to uneven surfaces
9. Top quality and really competitive prices.

The tapes for your choise:

1. Yellow tape. Imported, Glass grid fiber doubled side tape, Very good stickiness.
2. 3M tape.
3. Acrylic tape.
Tape used as your requirement.

We have three pickings, please see detail as follows:
Roll packing: 150m/roll, 1200m/carton.
Small Box packing: 5m The pattern in the box can as your design.
Bobbin packing: which you can see in our pictures. 100 m/Bobbin, or 150m/Bobin.



Adhesive-Backed Rubber Weather Strip

Tape: Yellow tape. Imported, Glass grid fiber doubled side tape, Very good stickiness


Apply to various of door and windows, such as wooden doors, plastic-steel doors, security door,moving gates, sliding doors,auto doors etc. Widely used on Household appliances, hotel, hospital, business building, clean projects, and large market malls etc.


  1. the good elasticity/ flexibility and anti-deformation.
  2. Excellent weather ability, anti-aging resistance, anti-weather, anti-ozone, anti-wearing resistance and chemical resistance.

3. Excellent anti-UV performance, Super flexibility and elasticity

4         Excellent sealing performance, shock-proof, heat insulation and sound insulation performance, Stops heat, cold, draughts, dust, insects, noise and rain.

5         Can be used in wide application temperature scope (- 40`C~+120`C)

6         Excellent self- adhesive backing

7         easy to install ,decorative, seals firmly, excellent wearable

8         Good tight dimensional tolerances and have excellent compressability,elasticity and adaptability to uneven surfaces

9         Environmentally friendly. No bad smell and no harm to human

   Main Functions

waterproof, dust-proof, sound-proof, insulation, shock absorption, decorative effect, durable, elgant apperance,convenient etc.


Brown, White, Black

Size & Shape

D Profile, 9*6mm, 9*7mm, 9*8mm,12*10mm, 14*12mm

E profile, 9*4mm

P profile, 9*5.5mm

Packing details

150m/roll packing, 6m coil/box, 10m coil/box, 20m coil/box, 24m coil/box, 100m/spool packing, 150m/spool packing, 50m/spool packing

Price Terms

FOB Tianjin, FOB Qingdao, CNF, CIF

Payment Terms

T/T, L/C, Western Union

Delivering goods

If sample or sample order with small quantity, deliver by Courier Service (DHL,TNT etc.)

If general order, deliver by Air or By Sea

Lead time

&Supply Capacity

Fastest delivery time.

Our Producing Supply Capacity:4,500,000 meter per month.


Adhesive-Backed Rubber Weather Strip Pictures:

 Adhesive-Backed Rubber Weather Strip

Self adhesive rubber seal wooden door weather strip

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