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U Shaped Rubber Edge Trim

U Shaped Rubber Edge Trim


U Shaped Rubber Edge Trim

PVC EDGE TRIM,  rubber seal strip   ,  Rubber Edge Trim Seal 

U Shaped Rubber Edge Trim is flexible PVC trim with individual internal metal clips and gripping tongue to provide more stronger grip.
It can be used on car door, cabinet door, helmet, glass, mechanical equipment, metal plate, etc. 

The cross section U shaped rubber profile enable it to wedge different edges or rough parts and provide different kinds of protection such as airtight sealing,waterproof,anti incision,as well as decoration it has a large variety of usage.

PVC Edge Trim Seal can be designed for decorative trimming or protecting sharp edges.and install on some sharp and ugly edges for safely recognition and generally improvement to the beautiful Appearance of any edges. as well as cushioning and sealing for doors, PVC Edge Trim Seal also named as pinch weld seal,Trim seal, rubber seal, hatch seal, lid weatherstrip, Edge protection, Etc

U Shaped Rubber Edge Trim  ---- Property

Very soft and light weight with smooth surface and good elasticity
Anti-zone,anti-aging,weather resistance,oil resistance
Excellent anti-UV performance,better flexibility
Super elasticity and chemical corrosion resistance
Inside there are unique metal clamps and tongue clasps,Firm and flexible, Easy to install
Excellent fire and water resistance
High/Low temperature range(PVC:-29ºC - 65.5ºC, EPDM: -40ºC - 120ºC)
Good tight dimensional tolerance and have excellent compression ability
Built-in steel belt ,So show much stronger
Tasteless, environment friendly

    U Shaped Rubber Edge Trim
 U Shaped Rubber Edge Trim

According to different usage of PVC Edge Trim Seal, we can design Trim seal with various size, color, and textures.  And also have different structure for usage.

Flexibility PVC Just with various of color, size, textures

Compact trims without metal core, easy cutting and bending
Flexible PVC Trims with steel/aluminum clips and gripping tongueshot-metal adhesive type  also available for better sealing
At present, the PVC Plastic Edge Trim is designed into below type according to Function
1.Decorative Edge Trim
This edge trim is with decorative PVC trim with Mylar finish
2.Customized Edge Trim
This edge trim is with Edge Trim & Jumbo Edge Trim, Size Ranged Edge Trim, Fire Retardant Edge Trim.
3.Vinyl Edge Trim
This kind of Edge Trim is Used for trim around doors, lids, and any other exposed edge. Prevent leaks, gaps, and vibration.Flexible PVC Edge trim slides on easily to cap any edge.
 Inside aluminum /steel clips provide a permanent grip
4.Chrome Edge Trim
This kind of edge trim Easy installation with Adhesive tape on the back. Clean the application area with rubbing alcohol or water

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